An Open Letter to the Closed-Minds of America…

I am a 22 year old female, filled with compassion, love, and hope for the future.

I woke up this morning with a heavy heart.

Not because of who our President is, but because of who we are, as a nation, as humans.

My social media feeds have been filled with nothing but hate, disgust, and betrayal.

It amazes me that the ones who are so against Donald Trump for his hateful heart, racism, sexism, and more… Are the ones spewing hate all over the internet, at their so-called friends.

I am not who I voted for. You are not who you voted for. This country is not the President.

One person does not define us. We define ourselves.

This country is made up of over 300 million beautiful souls. We define this country.

If you don’t stand for hate, then don’t exude hate.

One person’s hurtful words are no worse than your hurtful words.

This country is divided. Our people are divided.

Out of the 15 countries I have traveled to – love has been found everywhere.

Love is the common thread that binds us together.

Our country is better than this.

The rest of the world is looking at us now. All eyes are on us.

More important than what the President will do, is what the American people will do.

How will you spread love, kindness, and compassion?


Madeline Alice Johnson


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