So Long Summer

The sun is setting on our summer days… As days get shorter and fall is almost here, I’m finding myself in disbelief that another summer has come and gone.

This summer was filled with adventure, laughter, and lotsa sunshine. From buzzing NYC to cloudy SF, California beach days, and a weekend getaway to Nashville.

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The summer coming to an end marks the end of my youthful summers of freedom. A new chapter in life awaits where I’ll start my career and move to a new city. So here’s to Summer ’19 and the memories made that will last a lifetime.

Here’s a little life update for everyone that’s been asking:

I’m home in California for the time being. I’ve been exploring career opportunities and companies to work with. I’ve found tons of success networking, a few personal setbacks along the way, and a remarkable amount of patience in the waiting.

I’ll likely end up in Southern California or New York City, and there’s a slight chance of Texas in the works. I’m pursuing a career in marketing (obvs) – but more specifically in content creation, brand strategy, and the creative space.

I’ve somehow found an immense amount of patience and gratitude in the waiting by trusting in His plan each and every step of the way. And I want to remind each and every one of you to find grace in the tough times and hold onto your faith always. Just as we’re all created to be different and unique, our life paths will be too.

If there’s any bits and pieces of advice I have to share, it would be to stay true to yourself, never settle or compare, and keep chasing after your dreams while praying along the way. We’re all doing the best we can – just keep on keepin’ on!


Madeline Alice Johnson x


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