Praise the Pursuit

My favorite yoga instructor always gives our class the mantra – comparison is the theft of joy. Similar to Teddy Roosevelt and Mark Twain’s interpretation of the concept – comparison is the thief, death, theft – you get the idea.

Recently, I began applying this concept to my life outside of the yoga room and realized how influential comparing ourselves to others can be. Whether it be a friend who’s married with kids, the girl who just landed her dream job, or the gal on the go traveling the world.

With over 7 billion people living on this beautiful planet we call home, how can we all be expected to be on the same pursuit? The core question is – why compare?


Just as our DNA is uniquely our own – the same holds true for our paths in life.

I’ve decided to stop comparing my pursuit and start praising it. Every door closed and obstacle in the way the last 24 years of my life has turned out to be a blessing – better than what I could have ever expected or wanted. Looking back, I have loved each and every step of the way.

With that, I encourage you to praise the pursuit. Keep chasing after what your heart is set on and don’t let any setbacks set you back for too long. Embrace the challenges, cherish the struggles, and praise yourself for how far you’ve come.


Madeline Alice Johnson x


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