I’m Back!

Happy happy Monday everyone!

It has been a g e s since I’ve had a moment to sit and write – one of my favorite things to do. I’m finally back in sunny Southern California after living in gloomy – but lovely – London for the last nine months and thought I’d catch everyone up on life.


My time in London was one of the most impactful, life-changing experiences. I grew tremendously both personally and professionally. I discovered the roots of who I am, what I believe in, and what my drivers and motivations are. I found confidence in myself like never before and was challenged in new ways which encouraged me to grow.

God blessed me with the most a m a z i n g tribe and I found myself slowly but surely falling in love with the fast-paced, cosmopolitan city of London. The city and its people have shaped me more than I have realized, and now it’s time for the next chapter in my book of life.


My time at home will be filled with beach days, my favorite yoga class, and visiting the people I missed most while gone! In just over two weeks I am off to New York City where I will be taking an elective course and playing tourist with my mom and sister.

After my time in NYC, I’ll be back and forth between home and San Francisco to wrap up grad school – I can’t believe how close the end is! Here’s to the incredible journey I’ve been blessed with so far and the adventures that are soon to come…

I can’t express my gratitude for everyone that has supported me each step of the way. How blessed am I to call California, Barcelona, and London home.



Madeline xx


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