G R A T I T U D E .


The start of a new month is always refreshing and rejuvenating.

It’s a new beginning, a new opportunity, and you never know what lies ahead of you.

As we enter the holiday season, I am going to try to focus my heart and mind on the things that mean the most to me – my family, friends, the Lord, and my overall well-being.

Staying humble and thankful for the abundance of blessings you have in your life is much easier said than done.

In order to keep my spirits high as the year comes to an end,  I am going to focus as much as I possibly can on positivity and gratitude.

We are constantly evolving, and changing as human beings.

Put effort into yourself – mind, body, spirit, as well as uplifting others around you.

Whether it be a simple smile as you pass a stranger in the hallway at school, or going out of your way to show someone you love that they are appreciated.

A constant effort to improve yourself will flow throughout your entire life and impact everyone around you in ways you could never imagine.

So with that being said, I challenge everyone to reflect on the blessings that the past year has brought, meditate on the abundance of gratitudes in your life, and continuously evolve into being the best you can be.

Love the little things, appreciate new opportunities, and be hopeful in what lies ahead.


Madeline Alice Johnson


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