Finding Home in Barcelona

Home is where the heart is, and although a part of my heart is still at home in California, another part is here in Barcelona, and I have a feeling it always will be. I’m quickly approaching my two month mark here in Spain, how is this possible? I remember boarding the plane in Orange County with tears in my eyes, and now the thought of leaving here breaks my heart.

It amazes me how humans are able to move so freely, exploring different cultures, discovering new parts of the world, and jet setting to anywhere their heart desires and bank account allows. It is one of my favorite things to really, truly think about and appreciate.

Traveling is one of life’s greatest gifts. I am constantly finding myself stressing over trying to see so many places here, but not having enough time. And after a few moments, I realize that this is simply the beginning of a life filled with exploration and adventure.

The satisfaction that comes from the realization of what I am accomplishing while here is indescribable. How I was given this opportunity and able to turn my dreams into a reality is beyond me. I am living in Barcelona, Spain, this is my home, and this experience will forever be a part of me and my life story.

The sensation that seeing the world and experiencing life outside of our bubble is a language only few people understand. It is like a fire burning inside of me, a deep desire and passion, a sense of curiosity to see more. My heart will never be fulfilled, the world will always have more to offer. How blessed am I to call one of the greatest cities in the world home.

And because I went to Besalú and Girona yesterday, here are a few pics that captured the beauty:

Message to everyone that has the desire to travel, but not the resources / funds:

Don’t splurge on unnecessary things, make coffee at home instead of running to Starbucks every morning, pick up an extra shift instead of hanging out with friends a few nights. The little things make the greatest difference. No amount of clothes, coffee, material items, anything are more valuable than seeing the world. Give the gift to yourself, you will be more thankful than ever.

Gotta run… (Attempt to study for midterms, wish me luck)!


Madeline Alice Johnson


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