Life in London

I've officially passed the halfway point between arriving in London and coming home for Christmas! And let's start off by saying this... I'm counting down the days. My time here so far has been a rollercoaster ride - to say the least. But things are looking up, and I'm going to share some of my … Continue reading Life in London

Fairytale in Prague

Dreamy, charming, fairytale, M A G I C ! What more could you ask for to celebrate a girls getaway mid-summer!? Our early morning arrival to Prague was greeted by gloomy clouds and lots of rain... but we made the absolute best of it, got out to explore for a bit, and spent the evening … Continue reading Fairytale in Prague


Surprise! Another weekend adventure blog post... and this time, I went to the beautiful island of Mallorca for a solo getaway at the beginning of my Spanish summer. How gorgeous are the narrow alleyways and huge avenues of Palma, Mallorca? Love! You could spend hours wandering, shopping, and exploring on your own. Not to mention … Continue reading M A L L O R C A


Spring Break 2017: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico H E A V E N on Earth! We spent the day exploring nature's astounding beauty, on a scenic yacht cruise along Puerto Vallarta's coastline, with views of untouched jungle, majestic mountains, and gorgeous mansions along the bay. Music, sunshine, crystal blue waters, and a yacht. What more could … Continue reading Y A C H T