Falling in love with Portugal, Again

Porto, Portugal – romantic, romantic, romantic! And one of the coolest cities I’ve ever been to.


If you envision yourself soaking up sunshine and sipping on Port wine, wandering down narrow cobblestone streets with locals and tourists from all over the world, admiring beautiful tile art everywhere you turn, and looking out from above upon thousands of terracotta tiled rooftops – then Porto is your dream come true!


SURPRISE, SURPRISE! Solo girls weekend trip featuring – me. I promise, weekend getaways to foreign places on my own are some of my most cherished memories.


It didn’t take much for me to fall in love with Porto as I headed into the weekend reminiscing on my love for Lisbon from the year before – this country is AMAZING!


I could spend hours upon hours exploring the narrow, winding cobblestone streets – window shopping, listening to Portuguese guitar – also known as Faro, and eating all the delicious Portuguese food I could find!


Porto F A V O R I T E S ~ the people, the food, the music, the streets, and the wine! Who would have guessed you have to travel to Porto to like the taste of Port wine? Devine!


Reasons to go to Porto: Sunshine, JK Rowling was inspired here while writing Harry Potter, delicious Portuguese food and wine, the warmest people you will ever meet, and this FAB AirBnB I lucked out on! Seriously… the cutest decor and the sweetest host ever.

Love, love, love to you Portugal! Perhaps my favorite country… (don’t tell Spain).


Madeline Alice Johnson


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