International W O M E N ‘ S Day!

H A P P Y international women's day ladies and gents! As I reflect on my childhood and upbringing while meditating on the now and dreaming about my hopes and aspirations for the future - I am in absolute awe of the amazing women that have encouraged, supported, and loved me through it all. Without … Continue reading International W O M E N ‘ S Day!

the B A C H E L O R women

Let's admit it - we all watch the Bachelor religiously on Monday nights! This season was different for many reasons - but the one that stands out the most is the final three women Arie selected - Kendall, Becca (my favorite), and Lauren B. These three women are beyond different from one another. But somehow, … Continue reading the B A C H E L O R women


Surprise! Another weekend adventure blog post... and this time, I went to the beautiful island of Mallorca for a solo getaway at the beginning of my Spanish summer. How gorgeous are the narrow alleyways and huge avenues of Palma, Mallorca? Love! You could spend hours wandering, shopping, and exploring on your own. Not to mention … Continue reading M A L L O R C A