the B A C H E L O R women

Let’s admit it – we all watch the Bachelor religiously on Monday nights!

This season was different for many reasons – but the one that stands out the most is the final three women Arie selected – Kendall, Becca (my favorite), and Lauren B.

These three women are beyond different from one another. But somehow, women across America identify with one of them in their own unique way. I’m not going to splurge which girl I see myself in most… I’ll leave that up to you to figure out!

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 19.39.54.png

K E N D A L L – The wild card

Quirky, cute, fun-loving, different than any other girl you’ve ever dated, easy to be around, intriguing conversations, and challenging in a new way.

B E C C A – The real deal

Wife material, mom material, basically the whole package and more. It’s hard to name one single flaw of Becca’s because she’s stunning inside and out, ready for a serious relationship, and the kinda gal you take home to meet your family.

L A U R E N  B . – The pretty chase

The girl every guy likes – regardless of what his type may or may not be, hard to connect with and tie down, beautifully attractive, seems to be emotionally unavailable, and the ultimate hard to get chase.

Face it – we either K N O W this girl or we A R E this girl.

The most amazing part of this all is that Arie does what most men do… has fun with the different girl but doesn’t find future, holds on to the perfect package but lets her go, and ultimately chooses to go after the pretty chase.

Arie is no different than many (hint: I didn’t say all) men. He’s so all over the place in what he’s looking for, that he doesn’t even know what it is that he wants.

There’s likely a reason why he’s 36 and still single… from girls like Krystal to young 22 year old free spirits, PHD graduates and pursuers, models and moms, the quirky girl, perfect package girl, and hard-to-get girl. Arie had it all.

The end to this season was unsurprisingly disheartening… perhaps its time to give up on something – whether it be the Bachelor, belief in true love, or faith in men.

But, LET’S FACE IT – I’m never giving up the Bachelor and I’ll always believe in love.


Madeline Alice Johnson


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