Looking Forward


Spring ’17 semester is officially complete, I’m preparing to head to Barcelona in June for my summer internship, and have been overwhelmed with inspiration looking ahead.

As we’re approaching the halfway mark of 2017, here are a few thoughts and ideas:

F A M I L Y // F R I E N D S

God has immensely blessed me with the most supporting, loving, and uplifting family and friends. I am so thankful for each and everyone of you, Y O U know who you are!


 A C A D E M I C S

This was definitely the hardest semester I have ever had in my life, but I learned SO much about myself and my career, established meaningful connections with my professors and guest speakers, and made a huge step forward for the future.


I spent Spring Break in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (blog post soon to come!), and have been counting down the days until I take off for Barcelona. Off the top of my head, I plan to visit Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, and more of Spain!

My summer is going to be filled with an overwhelming amount of growth, learning, memories, travels, and even more S U N S H I N  E ! Really though, the sun shines even more in Barcelona than it does in beautiful, sunny San Diego.


Cheers to the future, may it be filled with adventure, love, and happiness.


Madeline Alice Johnson Xx


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