Enchanting Edinburgh


One thing is for sure, it did not take long to fall in love with Edinburgh, Scotland!


After spending a week venturing throughout Ireland, we were ready for something new. I didn’t know much about Edinburgh or what to expect, but it definitely left a lasting impression.


Edinburgh was such a different vibe than anywhere we went in Ireland.

There was something magical in the air in Edinburgh. A spark that ignites when roaming through the old city and playing tourist for the day alongside locals.

Every street felt like you were walking through a fairytale.


The above photo makes me so happy. Locals, tourists, and humans-alike sunbathing and enjoying the beauty around them. Does it get any better than that?


Wish we would have had more time in Scotland to venture outside the city, but that’s something we’ll have to save until next time!

If you to happen to make it to Edinburgh, make sure to stop by these places:

North Bridge

Edinburgh Castle

Princes Street Gardens

St. Gile’s Cathedral

Scott Monument

Holyrood Castle 

Arthur’s Seat 

Royal Botanic Garden 

Mary’s Milk Bar



Madeline Alice Johnson

Side Note: This blog post is originally from May 31, 2016 – June 2, 2016


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