Roots and Wings


My yoga instructor is an amazing, quirky, inspirational woman that I admire. Every week in class, she writes a mantra up on the mirror for us to meditate on throughout class.

About a week ago, “roots and wings,” was written in bold letters right before my eyes.

This mantra, specifically, stood out to me as I envisioned what it means in my life, and hopefully what it can mean in yours, too.

Dig your roots.

Always remember where you came from and the things that have shaped you into being the person you are today.

Your hometown, family and friends, sports teams, previous jobs, schools, church.

All of these things create a foundation for the life we are living as humans.

My roots ground me, I stand tall in my roots, and they strengthen as I grow.

But find your wings. 

I have gone beyond the small world that I live in, in California. I have exposed myself to new cultures, overcome obstacles on my own, created new friendships around the world, and chased after my passions and dreams with confidence that I will not fail.

All of these things are because of my roots. Because of my faith, my family, my friends.

Thank you to my amazing mom and dad for giving me my roots, so that I can grow wings.

This mantra of “roots and wings,” can be interpreted in a thousand different ways.

How can you apply it to your life?


Madeline Alice Johnson


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