Hey, What’s Up, Hello…

After a handful of busy days filled with school, weekend excursions, bar hopping, adventuring, dancing, exploring, and sickness, I am finally able to sit down and release some of my thoughts on life here in Barcelona.

Life here in Spain is much different than at home, and I can finally say I feel like a local Spaniard. I no longer get lost walking home, I know the metro system like the back of my hand, and I have even picked up on a few Catalan words.


This past weekend I hit my one month mark here, and I am unable to wrap my mind around how fast the time has gone by. I have been happily overwhelmed with this new world that I am fortunate enough to be living in. Every day life here is filled with the best energy and atmosphere I have ever experienced. Walking through the streets you pass by thousands of individuals from all around the world; the fashion, culture, and conversations are inspiring.


The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of touristy adventures, long school days, future trip plans, and late nights that turn into early mornings dancing with friends. I have been able to find a good balance of living life like a local, while cherishing each moment because I know this won’t last forever.


I am a huge planner, and looking ahead, I only have a few weekends left that will be spent in Barcelona. In just a couple of days, I leave for Paris with Caroline to celebrate “Galentine’s Day” in the City of Love. And in the next few months, I will be traveling throughout France, Spain, Portugal, Ibiza, Amsterdam, Italy, London, Ireland, and possibly Greece.


The world of travel has truly captured my heart and soul. Even with all of these amazing adventures that are soon to come, I still am not satisfied! All that my mind dreams of all day is the world that patiently awaits for me to discover all it has to offer. As an adult, I feel like a kid in a candy shop… however, instead of having eyes bigger than my stomach, I have dreams bigger than my bank account.

Thankfully, I know this is not the end of my travels, it is simply the beginning of a life filled with wanderlust. I crave to know more about the world, humans, culture, and life outside of my daily life bubble. I cannot predict the future, but a possible internship abroad before finishing my degree, a summer spent Au Pairing in a new country, and backpacking in Asia are all aspirations of mine. We shall see if I can accomplish these goals in my 20’s and enrich my life with all the universe has to offer me.

Until next time…


Madeline Alice Johnson



One thought on “Hey, What’s Up, Hello…

  1. ryanjthorpe says:

    So many exciting months to come, it’s cool and inspiring to see a fellow student traveller as passionate about seeing the world as I am. Keep it up Madeline! Cannot wait to follow your stories 🙂


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