Manifesting Your Dreams

Have you ever caught yourself living in a moment, and realizing that moment is everything you have ever dreamt of?

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These moments don’t deserve to be “once in a lifetime.” By manifesting your dreams into realities, those once in a lifetimes become every day occurrences.

For two years now, I have found myself embracing my realities with the knowledge that they were my younger-self’s dreams. From traveling beautiful parts of the world to expanding my intellect and knowledge through education and immersion, all the way down to the simplicity of being exactly the person I have always envisioned myself becoming.

Living in London has been another one of those pinch me moments. When I’m consumed with new friends and life habits here, school, work and keeping one foot on this continent but the other halfway across the world in California… it can become difficult to let this new reality of mine truly sink in.

The sink in moments… they’re s i m p l e . The most simple moments of my day. From walking down beautiful streets and taking a deep breath to pause or putting my headphones in and observing the diverse world surround me. These are the moments I feel the full reward of my manifestations coming to life.

But how did I get here?

I can tell you this much… it has been quite the j o u r n e y !

For starters – the answer is no, my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles – anyone! – has not given me thousands upon thousands of dollars to live out my dreams. And when it comes down to it, I would never want them to. Because it simply wouldn’t feel the same.

And to throw this out there – it isn’t easy to just up and leave my home, family, friends, and entire life in California. It’s scary, it comes with challenges, and it isn’t always the perfect photos we all love to share on social media.

I have manifested my dreams into my living reality by finding confidence in the path I am on, working unbelievably hard in all areas of life, putting experiences and relationships above all else, and trusting in God every single step of the way.

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Find passion, happiness, and gratitude in life. Manifest those things that you love, the things that bring you joy, into the future that is awaiting for you. Right now… I’m manifesting it all towards life after graduate school. Where will I go? What will I do? What company, industry, job title, salary? The list goes on.

My recipe for success? And not financial or status success… but true life loving, heart filled with happiness and gratitude success.

Manifest, pray, and work hard.



Madeline Alice Johnson


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