Ireland: Cork Edition

Cork, Ireland is one of the most charming, heartwarming cities I have ever been to.

It is filled with gorgeous streets lined with cafes, restaurants, and shops. The people are cheerful, there are trees and old-fashioned lampposts along the sidewalks, and festive lights are streamed overhead.

The one word that comes to mind when I think of Cork is cosy. Everything about the city was cosy, warm, charming. I absolutely loved it.

It rained for the couple of days we were there, so we spent our time bundled up, wandering from shop to shop and exploring the city.

Our AirBnB hosts were the cutest, multi-cultural, young couple that have traveled all over the world. Listening to their stories and looking at photos of their memories was the best.

My favorite memory of Cork was a meal Kaela and I shared at a world-famous restaurant called Market Lane.

We sat in the corner by the window of a completely filled restaurant and watched the rainfall while enjoying an amazing meal and reflecting on our time in Ireland so far.

Cork captured our hearts ~ it is an absolute must see for at least one day while in Ireland.


Madeline Alice Johnson

Side Note: This blog post is originally from May 27, 2016 – May 28, 2016.



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