Ireland: Dublin Edition

Let’s all just take a moment to thank my amazing best friend, Kaela Koza, for flying halfway across the world to travel with me.

First stop: Dublin, Ireland.

After the most stressful day of our lives – Kaela was stuck in both Los Angeles and London within a 24 hour time period, and I was stuck in Italy for 15 hours, landed in Barcelona past midnight to catch a few hours of sleep, then hopped on another plane to Dublin early the next morning.

Despite all the travel mishaps (which are always bound to happen), we were finally reunited after 5 months of being apart!

We checked into our AirBnB to the cutest hosts – Shane & Jamie – we adore you! They are 95% of the reason why we loved Dublin so much.

Ireland was everything I could have imagined and more… the best part being the Irish people. They are truly the most kind souls you will ever come across.

We explored around Dublin for a couple of days, shared some amazing meals together, and made memories and friends to last a lifetime.


Next stop: Castlemartyr, Ireland.


Madeline Alice Johnson

Side Note: This blog post is originally from May 24 – 26, 2016.



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